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Repeatable processes and reliable results are the keys to growing a sustainable business. 360 Bizvue’s powerful artificial intelligence platform gets you there, enabling you to optimize your operations from top to bottom.

Our platform collects relevant customer touchpoint and market data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It then converts those millions of data points into actionable process improvement plans that drive results fast.

The average business generates hundreds of gigabytes of data a month, but it’s all haystack and no needle: Changes that could be implemented for near-immediate wins remain concealed in all the noise. The 360 Bizvue platform turns information into insight faster than a team of data scientists at a fraction of the cost.

Our 3-stage process homes in on your best process improvement opportunities:

  • Collection: Our platform interfaces with your payment processing data and every application you use.
  • Evaluation: Harnessing the data, it highlights connections between your operations, sales, and market.
  • Analysis: A rigorous second level of analysis turns the connections into actionable and prioritized goals.

The result is a roadmap to your goals. We call this informed, complete map the 360 Bizvue.


Large Enterprises Use 360 Bizvue for Total Transparency

As your business grows, sources of inefficiency creep in behind the scenes.

For larger enterprises, complex supply chains can hide millions of dollars in waste. 360 Bizvue illuminates every link in the value chain from raw materials through finished product and delivery. You have the data to upgrade your logistics or redesign your product for greater efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Many of our largest customers use 360 Bizvue for supplier management. To renegotiate contracts that could be worth hundreds of millions, you need clear, compelling data. Our platform lays out vendor performance in detail so you can negotiate more advantageous deals or find partners who meet your needs.


Small Businesses Get Ahead with 360 Bizvue’s Real-Time Data Insights

Small businesses often face the challenge of differentiating with new products in a competitive marketplace. 360 Bizvue helps accelerate your entire go-to-market pipeline. It provides a snapshot of your sales, marketing, product mix, and external influences on consumer preferences so you can hit the next big trend.

Customer care is another area where 360 Bizvue bridges current and future state like nothing else on the market. With it, your support team can easily identify the major issues customers face and build solutions into your business. That helps your staff learn and improve, foster customer success, and win retention.


Our AI Analytics Can Help Any Department Deliver On-Trend Products and Services

Designed by artificial intelligence experts with 20 years of payment processing experience, 360 Bizvue orchestrates complete visibility into all your data – from the buying patterns of your best customers to the overall state of your industry. Equipping everyone in the organization with a single source of truth means our clients frequently achieve double-digit quarterly gains in their most important KPIs.

In addition to your internal data and vertical data from thousands of comparable businesses, 360 Bizvue understands your market. As new trends emerge and develop, you will be the first to know. Our platform processes the latest activity from popular e-commerce platforms, social media, and search. You can see around corners and start aligning your organization with what customers want before the next big thing is ever on competitors’ radar.

This is only the beginning of what 360 Bizvue can do for you. It’s the most versatile arrow in your business quiver – and it will help you hit the target every time. To learn more or get started, contact our team today.