As your business grows, you need reliable ways to reach goals. Putting the right processes in place empowers your team to get results no matter how the competitive landscape changes. To optimize your business from top to bottom, data alone isn’t enough: You need a guide to the lessons contained in that data.

Using a unique artificial intelligence and machine learning platform, our strategy consultants equip you with the insights to drive rapid, effective change throughout your organization. We call it the 360 Bizvue – the result of connecting millions of data points and surfacing patterns invisible to the human eye.


360 Bizvue Accelerates Process Improvement with World-Class Artificial Intelligence

The average business generates hundreds of gigabytes of data every month.

In theory, every customer touchpoint has the potential to yield information that points the way to process improvements yielding near-immediate results. But most businesses tap only a fraction of that hidden value. The ever-growing torrent of data conceals the rest, leaving you struggling to catch up.

Until recently, only Fortune 50 enterprises had access to the artificial intelligence technology that allows you to shift from reactive to proactive. 360 Bizvue delivers it and more: By applying Statistical Process Control to your data, we can accurately assess the best ways to raise efficiency throughout your business.

Our software works around the clock in a 3-stage process:

- Collection: Our platform interfaces with your payment processing data and every application you use.

- Evaluation: Harnessing the data, it highlights connections between your operations, sales, and market.

- Analysis: A rigorous second level of analysis turns the connections into actionable and prioritized goals.

The result is a roadmap to your goals. This informed, complete map is the 360 Bizvue.

Our platform learns and develops every time you use it, building its conclusions based on the most accurate and relevant real-time data. What takes a team of data scientists weeks takes a matter of hours for 360 Bizvue.


What Can You Accomplish with 360 Bizvue’s Real-Time Data Insights?

Our experienced management consultants are with you every step of the way as you implement the actionable intelligence from the 360 Bizvue dashboard. Depending entirely on your goals and data, you may gain insights surrounding internal operations, customer touchpoints, or market alignment.

360 Bizvue furnishes everyone in your business with a single source of truth to pursue greater performance and efficiency. From logistics and operations to sales and marketing, “iterating” no longer means “waiting.” Our clients frequently realize double-digit quarterly gains in KPIs like sales and average customer value.

Let’s look at some of the ways 360 BizVue helps you fine-tune processes and improve results:

  1. Create New Products and Services

    Product development is unique. Innovating means putting the puzzle together in a way no one ever has before, and to do that, you need all the pieces in front of you. 360 Bizvue makes it possible by reflecting the current state of your sales, marketing, product mix, and the external forces influencing customer preferences.

  2. Provide Better Customer Support

    What are the most common problems your customers face? What are the solutions – and how can you build them into the structure of your business so they become competitive advantages? From IT help desks to front-line retail representatives, everyone can learn and improve thanks to 360 Bizvue.

  3. Elevate Supplier Management

    Are your suppliers living up to their end of the bargain? Mid-sized enterprises in particular need to be wary of unrealized efficiencies in third-party relationships. With 360 Bizvue, you’ll have the facts. You can use them to help you negotiate favorable contracts or find suppliers who’ll embrace your vision.

  4. Render Your Logistics Visible

    Logistics is the key to keeping everything moving – but the bigger your business gets, the more complex supply chains become. Thousands of dollars in waste can quickly turn into millions. 360 Bizvue illuminates each link in the value chain like never before. Recognize and close gaps, prevent waste, and speed up fulfillment.

  5. Understand Your Market

    Every minute of the day, your ideal customers are expressing their goals, tastes, and desires online. The 360 Bizvue platform is designed to crystallize wisdom from search engines, social media, and popular forums so you can see around corners to the next big trend as it emerges … and before it’s on your rivals’ radar.

No Matter How Ambitious Your Goals Are, 360 Bizvue Can Get You There Faster

Real-time data collection and analysis with 360 Bizvue makes it all possible. And you can get started in just days.

Under the leadership of Wayne S. Bell, mathematician and strategy consultant to top global enterprises, 360 Bizvue is dedicated to bringing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to businesses like yours.

To find out more or get started, contact us today.