Why we created Kassa Me

Companies like yours are facing a bold new world. The time is right to drive costs out of your business and focus like never before on a robust, resilient vision for the future.

We created Kassa Me to help you do just that.

We offer a suite of commercial services built on a sophisticated AI engine that saves money, adds revenue, and illuminates your path to exponential growth.

A cost sharing discount program is a strategic way to decrease or eliminate credit card payment processing fees and interchange-plus fees. You do it by raising prices across the board, then offering a matching discount on cash payments, or add a set percentage at the time of sale to all card transactions.

Why we created Kassa Me

Capture Opportunities With Actionable Insights Built on Fresh Market Data

In today’s fast-moving world, data is the key to staying competitive.

But without the right tools, even the best data is nothing more than noise. Kassa Me’s unique artificial intelligence engine delivers the actionable insights you need to take advantage of emerging opportunities-all before your rivals even see them on the horizon.

Data is as old as time, but our value offer is entirely new.

We unite the time-tested methods of statistical process control—trusted by manufacturers for a century for reliable results in demanding environments—with today’s most advanced machine learning techniques. This unique combination means our AI can do what no others can.

We have developed our technology from scratch to:

- Evaluate millions of search and social media actions to identify customer needs

- Compare that activity to commercial transaction data to highlight lucrative trends

- Equip you to seize those opportunities using your strengths and rivals’ weaknesses

- Reduce overhead by qualifying you to save money on payment card transactions

Through our expertise in mathematical modeling and business strategy, our AI algorithms are trained to perform at scale, delivering insightful results from operations so complex that each one would once have taken a room full of trained statisticians.

Why we created Kassa Me

3 Ways Kassa Me’s AI-Driven Business Services Will Change How You Operate

From Rome’s chariots to the Ford Model T to electric cars, technology has always been decisive in how business is done. Our team researched the biggest pain points and bottlenecks in today’s commercial landscape and found the right ways to empower you:

1 First

Digital Market Intelligence

Our system provides the “missing link” between queries on the Web and actual purchases. We use our data to evaluate the untapped revenue potential of your portfolio and rank your strategic options in order by their potential growth, with short- and long-term growth keys to choose from.

2 Second

Real-Time Competitor Intelligence

Your company can benefit from the collective wisdom of your marketplace. Every one of your rivals is trying to learn what customers want and how to deliver: We connect the dots to monitor, analyze, synthesize, and report on competitor activity so you know what they’re doing right and where they’re missing out.

3 Third

Cost-Effective Payment Processing

Fortune 100 firms enjoy preferential pricing when they accept payment cards associated with businesses – and now you can, too. Our payment processing solution qualifies you for maximum savings on every card transaction and gives your customers quick, touchless payment options.

Our technology is built on a nationwide network that enables our AI to access the data it needs and field your requests anywhere at any time. This gives us the ability to provide concierge service to our clients regardless of size and offer the best terms to under-served industries.

It’s said that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Our AI engine isn’t a wish-granting genie, but it is always working for you behind the scenes in ways that integrate seamlessly into your business. And once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

To find out more, please click here to see our dedicated Kassa Me website.