About us your 360 BizVue team

Who, What, and Why

Who are we? We are the best thing that will ever happen to your business. You have the idea, and we have the imagination and the kind of critical thinking you might find in your average scientist that will get that idea out there for you, in the right way.

What do we do? We tell the story of your brand in the best possible way, using the beauty of mathematics to make sure your story is out there in plain sight for your customers. We take your to-do list and turn it into action. There’s poetry in those numbers, and our team of professional writers will find it for you.

Why do you need us? Because we believe that nobody does it better, and if you come to a working session with us and see what we can do regarding unifying your message and making it coherent, you will believe too. We’ll even look at what your competitors are doing and how they’re ranking. Want to know what your visitors think about your website? We have that, too. You need to know that visitors find every aspect of your site appealing, from the look to the feel. You need us to act fast and react faster – to what your clients and your competitors are up to.


We learn how to do simple tasks as children, such as how to tie our shoelaces, how to ride a bike, and how to read a book. As adults, we tend to have more of a plan – or at least part of the time. You plan, you make the plan happen, you study to improve how it might happen, and then you act. You’re just one person, so the working sessions our team of scientists, professional writers, project managers, business analysts and account managers put together with you will show that however clear your vision, you can’t possibly carry out all those functions yourself. After all, you have customers to look after. Let us plan the how.

Your “how” could include everything from seeing what your clients are searching for that is relevant to your business and making recommendations that will shoot you to the top of the list of results.


You will have heard all the sayings about acting quickly – no time like the present, strike while the iron’s hot, and also used phrases like time flies. However, your “when” should only ever be when everything is ready. Your brand is your promise, and promises have to have substance. If they don’t, you might as well be offering your customers the actual moon on a stick – false promises backfire, and you lose customer loyalty. Your when might also be in reaction to search engine changes – either falsely or more positively for your business sector, or as a response to what your competitors are doing. We will also respond to news stories, to the stock market, to any external influence you can think of, and that’s why you need us to look for the right when for you.

Back to the poetry of the numbers – for the budding scientist, they are as exquisitely lovely as a bunch of flowers and every bit as intricate. They need careful arranging in a vase and need their water topping up every so often to prolong their value.

In short, that’s why you need us. You need your very own scientist to treat your brand as a precious flower, to make sure that it blooms in such a way that your clients can find it. Even if they didn’t even know they were looking.