While you are busy with your daily work life.

How is your brand doing? 

  • Resonating with customer needs?
  • Educating customer on “Why You”?
  • Providing quick and secure POS checkout from anywhere at anytime?
  • Exceeding customer service expectations?
  • Increasing marketshare?
  • Happy employees and suppliers?

Your Perception vs. Their Reality

 Are you getting your desired results?


  • Know who you are
  • Know why you matter
  • Know what makes you different
  • Engage with your content often
  • Know you appreciate them


  • Know your story and tells it to customers daily
  • All systems are working properly
  • Feels pride in their workmanship
  • Know you appreciate them


  • Feels apart of the same team
  • All systems are working properly
  • You willingly accept their input
  • You respect their profit margin
  • Know you appreciate them

How do you know if your perception matches their reality?

Monitor and Improve the Quality of Interaction Moments


  • Buy Moments
  • Learn Moments
  • Express Moments
  • Live Moments


  • Customer Service Moments
  • Collecting Payment Moments
  • Receiving Orders Moments
  • Shipping or Refund Moments


  • Production Moments
  • Delivery Moments
  • Purchasing Moments
  • Product Design Moments

Each of these moments should go through this planning cycle: 

Quality Question to start process improvement
  1. What do you want to accomplish?  Until you have a clearly stated objective, you risk everyone running off in different directions, working on their own pet projects, and not cooperating for the common good. A clearly stated purpose or objective is important to help focus the thoughts and efforts of everyone involved.
  2. By what method will you accomplish your objective?  While it may be necessary to have a goal, merely having a goal is, by itself, not sufficient. Until you have a plan for achieving your objective, it will be nothing more than wishful thinking. All of our targets, goals, and plans are merely wishes and hopes until we have some specific method for making them come true.
  3. How will you know when you have accomplished your objective?  If you are going to have a goal and if you hope to move toward that goal, then you will also need some way to measure how far you have come and how far you have to go in reaching that goal. If you do not know how to determine when a change has occurred, you will have difficulty in separating these meaningless changes from a signal that you have made progress toward your goal.

While we may need a goal, we also need a method and a way of measuring our progress. 

Transparent 360 bizvue logo  provides a method for assessing the present and working to improve the future.

360 BizVue Process Improvement Framework

We mathematically take a look at where you sit in your market – among your competitors – and make sure that you are in a good part of the bell curve.  Hundreds of bell curves to be exact that represent each keyword or key phase that defines your product or service.

Continuous effort is required to improve every defined moment in your customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholder’s lives.

 Business More Effectively

Transparent 360 bizvue logo

Reliable real-time learning to improve the lives of your customers.

It is more than Graphs and Data

  • It is the ability to understand the messages contained in your data.
  • It is the ability to differentiate between routine variation and exceptional variation.
  • It is the difference between reacting to noise and understanding signals.
  • It is ultimately an incredibly powerful way of thinking that will enable you to conduct your business more effectively.