Transaction Data + AI Analytics = Our Differentiation

Our unique differentiationMost of your future customers don’t know anything about your brand yet. They go online to solve problems or answer questions that present specific problems in their lives – not to find you.

Their issues are crystallized in the form of keywords and key phrases typed into search engines. The most valuable application of digital market intelligence is to equip businesses to respond to the most pressing and lucrative of these queries before the market realigns around them.

The best market intelligence is predictive, using today’s data and AI-driven methods to pinpoint the most likely business outcomes throughout the month, quarter, and year. 360 BizVue has pioneered both the data collection and analysis techniques to make this possible for you.

Our Unique Decision Management Process Optimizes Your Marketing

With hundreds of relevant keyphrases in circulation at any given time, trying to cover them all is a recipe for frustration. 360 BizVue’s unique decision heuristic means all needle, no haystack.

Here is how our market intelligence cycle works:

1. Search Query and Customer Trend Analysis

Through real-time transaction data collected from payment processors around the U.S., we link keyword activity with actual outcomes including first-time and high-value buys. We synthesize trend data from more than a dozen search engines, online storefronts, and social platforms.

2. Client Best-Fit Opportunity Analysis

Your existing products and services are the starting points for best-fit opportunities. We evaluate the untapped market potential of your current portfolio, then rank available options in potential growth order. That gives you a full spread of short- and long-term growth keys to choose from.

3. Competitor Weakness Analysis

We score the top ten URLs that currently rank in search engines for the desired opportunities. Many high-ranking pages are not strong, customer-focused resources. Generating a resourceful alternative using digital marketing best practices leads to rapid growth in online visibility.

4. Digital Market Intelligence Action Blueprint

Our customers receive a Digital Market Intelligence Snapshot on a regular basis. Using it, we build a step by step Action Blueprint that allows you to develop growth plans at the intersection of your strengths and your competitors’ weaknesses while addressing unmet consumer needs.

5. Digital Market Intelligence Dashboard

As new data is collected and analyzed, our data scientists update you on a weekly basis through our digital market intelligence dashboard. You can access the dashboard and ask questions or request further information 24 hours a day, on any device, anywhere in the world.

6. Insight-Driven Marketing Campaigns

With our support, you build, launch, expand, improve, and learn from your efforts. In addition to powerful marketing campaigns, the lessons generated by our process can strengthen your sales, R&D, and operations – empowering you to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.


Data-driven continuous process improvementEarly Adoption is Crucial for Maximizing Digital Market Intelligence Value

Leading research firm Gartner has already determined that in 2020 and beyond, enterprises that work with a curated catalog of internal and external data will double the value they derive from their analytics investments compared to their rivals.

360 BizVue has not only crafted the curated data storehouse that drives your business forward but also developed a cycle of business processes to ensure your results are always getting better. Data-driven continuous process improvement has truly never been easier.

As of today, only about a third of employees come into contact with business intelligence data. Over the next few years, that number is poised to double. With our help, you can count your organization among the first in your industry to be ready for the next data transformation.