360 BizVue Explained

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews are looking to gain more market share in the state of Florida.

360 BizVue will evaluate this industry to identify current trends that have lead customers to purchase burgers and brews within 5 miles of each Red Robin location in Florida.


The Goal:

Improve the number of visitors to the Red Robin location in Palm Beach Florida.

The 360 BizVue Approach:

Understand the questions that customers in Palm Beach, Florida have asked prior to making a burger or brew purchase from competitors within 5 miles of this Red Robin location.

Then provide the key questions for the Red Robin team to answer that will educate these customers on why they should try this location the next time they desire a burger or a brew.

The customer’s journey before, during, and after their transaction.

360 BizVue Marketplace Report

A detailed analysis of recent customer activities that lead to a purchase at a rivals location within 5 miles of the Red Robin location in Palm Beach, Florida.

(A new 360 BizVue Marketplace Report is created quarterly to reset the current local market understanding.)

The following are a few of the opportunities and risks that are provided in our Marketplace Report 

Summary of Findings

Burger rivals in the Palm Beach area are not addressing trending customer questions.  Here are the top 7:

  1. burger near me
  2. gourmet burger bar
  3. gluten free menu
  4. birthday burger
  5. kids eat free
  6. veggie burger
  7. specials this week

Create new content answering trending questions

Recommendation for the before stage: Explain to customers when they should select Red Robin when looking for a Burger Near Me or Gourmet Burger Bar in the Palm Beach area.

Create a content marketing plan that will launch new content weekly that points to the currently best-performing pages that we indicated in your 360 BizVue Marketplace Report.

  • Create short videos that educates the customer on the two keywords above and place those videos on YouTube
  • Upload new pictures of the burgers to Instagram that are GPS tagged so the bots know they were taking at this Red Robin location
  • Talk about your kids eat free on Wednesday promotion and post a link to that landing page on Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat.

(Other items were provided to Red Robin in the full 360 BizVue Marketplace Report)

Improve the SEO Score for the best performing page relevant to the question: "Burger Near Me"

Complete the items in the SEO Score section of your Marketplace Report which will improve your before and during customer interactions.


Rivalry Comparison of Local Restaurants

Currently not in the Top 50

Industries talking about Red Robin and referring their customers to them.

Recent Reviews

360 BizVue Monthly

360 BizVue monitor’s the buying patterns and digital interactions of customers who recently purchased hamburgers within the Palm Beach Florida.

Here are some of the items that showed in the 360 BizVue for each of the three monitored customer journey phrases:


  • monitor ranking changes for these key questions: “burger near me” and “gourmet burger bar
  • follow the content marketing plan that included over 25 different types of content to produce
  • we update customer buyer personas based on recent sales and Experian data
  • track the changes in the number of visitors from review websites


  • correlate digital interactions data with payment processing data for early detection of shifts in customer wants/needs
  • see how you are performing against related businesses within your same MIC/SCC
  • monitor digital analytics and on-location traffic patterns for engagement signals


  • use the unique link and printed QR code to request new reviews weekly
  • quickly respond to the 1-3 star rates that we send directly to your inbox daily
  • manage all of the review websites in one location within our 360 BizVue platform
  • send more customer reviews to Foursquare and YP which can be done from your 360 BizVue dashboard

Digital Performance Check

Do search bots understand your webpage enough to recommend that page to the right customer?

Find out by entering the URL of one of your products or services in the box below: