Happy Customers after a Transaction

The sales cycle doesn’t simply stop after a transaction is complete. What you do after making a sale will determine if your customers will come back or recommend you to their friends and family.

Positive reviews and recommendations are the fuel that drives future sales and growth. In fact, 92% of consumers will read an online review before making a purchase. For your business to be successful, it needs to gather customer feedback and improve on its operational processes.

The importance of customer reviews

You may be wondering why seeking feedback from customers is so important. First off, positive reviews attract more customers to your business and increase sales revenue. Customers spend 31% more on businesses that have largely positive reviews. Positive reviews also increase the trust that customers have in your products and services. With the stiff competition that is out there, reviews can help you stand out from the competition by giving potential customers a positive image of your business.

In addition, reviews help your business rank highly in search engines. Google’s new SEO algorithm factors in relevance, prominence, and distance when ranking search results. Therefore, reviews can help you rank higher in relevance and prominence.


How Reviews makes your business better

Not only do reviews attract more customers and generate higher sales, but they also make your business more efficient. Reviews are essentially feedback channels from customers. By keeping track of what your business may need to improve, you can tighten up your operations and avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Many online reviews come directly from customers and are posted on neutral sites. This means that the customer has freedom to provide an objective opinion about the products and services that you provide. By having access to clear and honest opinions about your business, you’ll be in the perfect position to implement positive changes and increase customer satisfaction.

The 360 BizVue Review System

At 360 BizVue, we know how complicated it can be to collect and analyze reviews on a regular basis. That is why we support your after sales processes by providing a comprehensive review system. Our system shows clients what the current reviews are and gives them a platform to manage all reviews (on any website) from one location. This is a powerful tool to have, because your customers may use many different review sites to talk about your business. From Yelp to Facebook and FourSquare, useful customer feedback tends to be scattered throughout the internet.

360 BizVue’s comprehensive review system allows you to gather all your reviews in one place, arrange them using many different criteria, and assess the feedback you got from customers. For example, you can identify issues such as having too many negative reviews, having incomplete profiles on various review sites, or any other unusual activity that should warrant your attention.

With 360 BizVue’s centralized platform in place for collecting customer feedback, you will have the resources necessary to improve your operations in the long run.

That's 360 BizVue in a Nutshell.

The 360 BizVue approach was born from over 25 years of successful management consulting engagements at Fortune 500 companies.