Auto Dealers

With thousands of registered auto dealers, how do you get customers to care about yours?

You need to adopt a strategy that will make you stand out from the crowd. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to satisfy two broad objectives; increase your market share and improve services to your current customers.

360 BizVue’s cutting edge analytics solution uses the latest innovation in data collection and evaluation to help you achieve these objectives. 

Know Your Community and Customers

Through analytics, you can know exactly which models are most popular and profitable, when they’re most in demand, which customizations customers respond to best as well as the kind of services that are most requested. 

To further tailor your offerings, you can also gain access to consumer credit data, their shopping patterns, vehicle ownership history, contact information, among other data points. This treasure trove of information not only makes it easier for your staff to attend to the most valuable consumers but also increases revenue through incremental sales suggestions based on their shopping behavior.

With data analytics, it’s also possible to track potential buyers who’ve already shown interest in your products but haven’t made a purchase. It is easier to convert such window shoppers into buyers by sending them periodic reminders through email, phone or other electronic means.

360 BizVue Going All Out for Your Customers

360 BizVue implements its analytics solution that stretches the whole way through the customer experience. It’s in three distinct phases: before, during and after a transaction.


In this phase, our analytics tools study your customer’s behavior to better understand their needs. They’re also prompted to answer some questions as a way of improving product recommendations. To further convince them to purchase your product, they’re exposed to some positive reviews left by past happy customers.


When they decide to make a purchase, the entire transaction will be handled using the CardConnect payment gateway. This allows you to conduct seamless credit card transactions at affordable rates. While this is happening, 360 BizVue collects more data that will help you understand your customers better.


Once the transaction is complete, the customer is prompted to provide feedback in the form of a review. These are used to improve future engagements with them. Positive reviews are easily available for prospects to see in the ‘before’ phase, which increases the chances of converting them into buyers.

Clever, Simple and So Much Powerful

360 BizVue’s premier analytics solution makes everything wonderfully simple yet uses creative ways to convince customers that you’re different. Take the action and access data that will exponentially improve your service delivery, sales and ultimately profit.

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