Bars and Resturants

How do you get people to come to your bar or restaurant – then keep them coming back?

There’s nothing like the great feeling of becoming a regular at your favorite dining spot. Both patrons and owners benefit. Customers get to feel like you understand their needs and are always ready to give them a great night out. You, in turn, get regular business you can rely on.

But we all know most customers never find that one spot they click with.

It only takes one bad experience to change the trajectory of a relationship with your brand. Customers are more likely to share negative experiences online than positive ones. Bad first impressions from an online search could mean you never connect with your next regular.

To win customers and keep them, you need to “WOW” before, during, and after each interaction:

  • Before: Identify and speak to your ideal customers to reach them online just in time.
  • During: Deliver a thrilling customer experience that exceeds their every expectation.
  • After: Incentivize and amplify raving customer reviews on online sites that matter.

Drawing on 20 years of expertise and an unprecedented volume of customer transaction data – real interactions leading to real sales – the experts at 360 BizVue connect you with the tools, techniques, and strategies to stand out from your competition.


Digital Marketing Turns Online Visitors into Fresh Faces at Your Tables

All your customers probably already have favorite restaurants. How can you be their next?

It’s simple: Be exactly where they are online, ready to blast them out of their culinary rut.

When your future patrons want to taste something new, they go online. They look at reviews and check out scores on sites like Yelp, Zomato, and OpenTable. They might even make a decision about what to eat right then and there from their smartphones.

In our “Before” phase, we zero in on the perfect local customers for you. What are their needs and wants? Their spending habits? What can you promise – and then deliver – that will make their experience truly special? We’ll help you identify and capitalize on what makes you unique.


Knock Their Socks Off With a Night (or Lunch, or Cocktail) to Remember

Most restaurateurs have to reinvent the wheel figuring out how to appeal to their customers.

Not you.

360 BizVue gives you access to lessons from an unparalleled stockpile of real customer transaction data – showing the step-by-step path real customers took to buy from businesses like yours. With this birds-eye perspective, you can re-engineer your processes for best-in-class customer experience.

From the back office to the back of the house, we’ll align you with proven best practices.

By launching tailored methods to capture and use your own customer transaction data, we empower your business to evolve. Plus, we equip you with low-cost credit card payment processing using the buying power of our exclusive client portfolio.


Ignite a Virtuous Circle of Glowing Online Reviews to Get More Business

It all comes back to online reviews – the next step after customers decide “I’m hungry!”

We’ll position you to inspire more 5-star and 4-star reviews across the online platforms that influence dining decisions. We’ll not only amplify the voices of your budding regulars, but show you how to use customer feedback to make improvements that keep on impressing them.

A crowded local dining scene doesn’t have to mean “last call” for your bar or restaurant. With our advice, you’ll keep patrons coming in and coming back.

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