Funeral Services

Funeral services have emerged to relieve clients the stress that comes with the need to immediately plan a funeral for a family member or a friend that has passed away.

Each life is not the same. A unique story is created from particular passions, moments and legacies of a loved one. Your funeral services should walk your clients through inspirational ideas and simple steps to plan an unforgettable memorial of a loved one’s life.

360 BizVue Refine Your Funeral Services

360 BizVue uses data analytics to help each of your clients feel that your funeral services are unique and special as the person it celebrates. Our analytical tools focus on each step of your interaction with a customer, and we aim to make that relationship special.


Your clients desire to plan a funeral that focuses on remembering life in a special way. 

That’s why we start by identifying their’ needs and the services they desire to relieve them of both the emotional and financial burdens. We ensure you are ahead of the competition by designing personalized touches that create a unique individual celebration.

We also make it easier for your clients to see reviews hence they gain confidence in your funeral services which triggers them to make a purchase.


Now that you’ve earned your customers trust, we look into the steps that you take to meet their expectations.

While funeral planning can be an overwhelming process for your clients, our goal is to help you offer a beautiful, personal remembrance that will impress your clients and prompt them to leave reviews.

Your website should also have a smooth and secure payment processing method. CardConnect payment gateway offers your business lots of benefits that you wouldn’t get with other processors.


Remember, new clients greatly rely on genuine reviews, recommendations, and referrals in their decision-making process.

Our 360 BizVue platform gives you the ability to request reviews from your satisfied clients and manage them in our portal.

A New Way to Win Your Customers Once and Again

Through analytics, it’s possible to evaluate data from both localized and broad perspectives. Our 360BizVue analytical tools are the blueprint for branding your funeral services- one step at a time. We guide you throughout the client’s journey to enable you to deliver a perfect celebration of life.

Your funeral services will no doubt stand out from the rest. You will have access to data that will exponentially improve your service delivery, sales and ultimately profit.

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