Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Developing a marketing strategy for hospitals can be quite challenging. Just think about it, who wants to be reminded about visiting the hospital? And who wants to be bombarded with messages reminding them that they might eventually get sick?

With this in mind, following the same marketing strategies that other hospitals follow will only make you a part of the pack. Your aim should be to differentiate yourself; to show patients why you stand out from the rest.

Attracting patients to your medical and caregiving practice

Unfortunately, many traditional marketing channels emphasize how your hospital can be better, rather than how it can be different. If you truly wish to create brand awareness and grow your patient base, your goal should be to show how you’re different.

The same concept applies to nursing homes. Assisted living homes are becoming important sources of care for senior citizens. In fact, 76 million baby boomers will be retiring over the next 20 years. This means that more seniors will be seeking assisted living homes, residential care, and other similar types of elderly care. But will they find you when they come looking?

Traditional marketing techniques are falling short of making you develop a personal touch with each patient. You need to find a solution that makes you different, one that makes patients view you as a partner during their retirement journey.

How to differentiate yourself from the rest

To be successful, you need to communicate a unique message that emphasizes the value of your brand to patients. We help you achieve the ultimate goal of attracting more patients (and nursing home residents) through personal marketing techniques and referrals.

Simply put, you need to develop a personal and trustworthy connection with your patients. They need to trust that your hospital or assisted living home is committed towards providing them with the best care possible.

Our 360 BizVue Approach in the healthcare field

When marketing healthcare services, the key things you should remember are proper timing, crafting an effective message, and establishing a personal connection with your patients. Our 360 BizVue approach helps you achieve these goals during 3 distinct stages:


It all starts when a patient is looking for a specific healthcare service. As you strive to be different, we help you identify what your patients are looking for in a healthcare provider, how they would want to receive care in a nursing home, and what steps they take to find a hospital when they need treatment.


With information from the before phase, we will then work with you to tailor the patient experience in a manner that emphasizes your overall brand. These steps may include developing a responsive website, leveraging SEO tools, and identifying opportunities in the social media landscape.


The goal of this phase is to encourage positive feedback from patients so you can gradually expand your customer base. Because it can be challenging to encourage patients to review a hospital visit or a nursing home stay, we work with you to develop a framework where patients will also benefit. This may be through rewards for giving feedback or discounted rates for specific types of routine treatment.

Our ultimate role is to create a consistent, yet unique messaging strategy that will resonate with your current and future patients.

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