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Hotels and motels in the 21st century find themselves in a challenging spot. Competition has increased, customer preferences are shifting, and standing out from “the rest” becomes harder by the day. In fact, a growing number of customers view hotels as more generic options with little flexibility, higher costs, and a less homely feel.

Creating a marketing strategy for your hotel, motel, and tourism destination requires a personal touch. Hotels can’t afford to implement a one-size fits all approach when looking to attract customers. Because every guest is unique, you need a personal and memorable touch to every marketing campaign you implement.

The challenge: Attracting patients to your hotel premises

It may seem as if looking for a hotel has become a second choice. Other options such as AirBnB have taken advantage of the shortcomings that hotels face on a daily basis. The high costs, complicated booking process, and generic model of hotels is becoming less and less popular with patients.

To be successful, you need to be different- and not just better. Simply put, it’s not about what you can do better than the rest, it’s about what you can do that others are not able to do. Being different can be a fine line in the world of accommodation and tourism. Little details such as how you customize the guest experience, or how you streamline the booking process, can be the difference between a successful booking and a dissatisfied guest.

Standing out from the competition: is it possible?

For many years, we’ve worked closely with both hotels and motels in growing their customer bases and developing unique brands. Hotel owners invest lots of money in designing world-class structures that deliver quality services. However, without a strategy for differentiation, your guests may view any hotel in the area as being almost similar to yours.

With our 360 BizVue approach, it’s possible and practical to differentiate yourself and your brand. Our strategy is focused on crafting, defining, and communicating a unique message that shows your customers why they should see your services when they need accommodation. It all boils down to developing a trustworthy relationship with your customers and having the tools necessary to cater to customer preferences; from the time they make a reservation to the time they check out.

Our 360 BizVue approach can help you get there.

So what does our 360 BizVue approach entail? We focus on 3 main aspects of the customer experience: before, during, and after. In the before stage, we work with you to identify what your guests want and how they attempt to find it.

75% of travellers carry out a Google search when looking for a place to stay. Therefore, we will help you implement an SEO strategy that can increase online visibility. After attracting guests to make reservations, we also help you maximize the value of their stay by working on your service delivery, targeting the right audience at the right time, and quickly adjusting to customer concerns. And finally, we help you boost customer loyalty by seeking feedback, re-marketing, and building meaningful relationships with your trusted customers.

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