Medical Spa

Medical spas have witnessed explosive growth in the recent past. Patients are increasingly choosing to enjoy a luxury spa treatment and, in addition, improve their long term health.

While this growing demand is good news, you should be aware of the increase in competition in the industry. Nearly every service provider is using pushy tactics that annoy customers to a point where you do not have the chance to show clients that your business is different.

At 360 BizVue we help you refine your practice using cutting edge analytics solutions that will ensure your message is targeted only towards people who are most likely to purchase your services. Our data analytics tools not only provide you with the highest converting keywords for your local area but the entire medical spa industry as well.

It’s More than Just Saying ‘You Are Different’

Our powerful data analytics tools are designed to enhance your practice in three clearly defined steps; before, during and after a transaction.


What does a potential client see when they visit your website?

People have gotten sick of browsing page after page of the same old information. That’s why, our analytics tools gather as much data as possible about customers’ online behavior with the aim of modifying the information they’re shown, and with the ultimate purpose of converting them into buyers. 

They’re prompted to answer questions that will improve service provision. To convince them further, they’re shown positive reviews left by clients who’ve already benefited from your services.


In a time when people are getting more turned off by a complicated payment process, what better way to attract customers than to ensure you have a smooth and affordable credit card processing operation.

Our powerful CardConnect payment gateway works seamlessly with 360 BizVue’s analytics tools to make buying from you a pleasant experience.


What next after a client makes a purchase?

Beyond the transaction, we go an extra mile to prompt customers to give feedback in the form of a review. Honest reviews from your customers can be used to improve your services as well as convince new clients to join your medical spa.

Get the Boost from 360 BizVue Process

Forget everything you’d normally expect from the standard marketing ideas.

360 BizVue offers you limitless opportunities to grow your medical spa. Our data-driven solutions make it easier for new patients to locate your spa and to keep your current clients happy through easier online scheduling and paying appointment fees.

With this suite of analytics tools, you will have a clear business plan that will guarantee you long term growth and profit.

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