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Digital marketing has revolutionized the real estate industry in a substantial way. And, that’s good news.

The tough news is that every real estate broker wants to stand out and hence the increasing numbers of brokers marketing themselves online. It is hard for you to stay top-of-mind of prospective clients.

At 360BizVue we make your prospects feel that you are not like other real estate brokers. We align the customer experience with their expectations.

360 BizVue Blows the Standard Marketing Out of The Water

While most real estate brokers are known for their pushy salesman’s tactics, 360 BizVue declares that your business is different in each step of the customer’s experience with your brand.


Your website is the home of your brand and a dominant force to build your online presence.

Our 360 BizVue’s analytics tools gather data on what your audience likes. We make it easy for prospects to find reviews that can motivate them to pick you from the large crowd of real estate brokers. 


The experience your customers get from interacting with you is what prompts give referrals, leave reviews or come back.

Nobody wants to deal with a broker who’s website takes ages to load – who knows he/she may be as slow to close deals! We make the most of your website by optimizing it and creating user-friendly navigation.

Transactions don’t need to be lengthy and tedious. We offer a CardConnect payment gateway– convenient and straightforward, to allow a smooth, safe and stress-free purchasing process.


Nowadays, buyers and sellers are looking for honest information before signing up with a real estate broker.

Asking for referrals can be a daunting process. We improve and increase customer feedback by adding a customer review section on your website. We aim at giving your clients a voice to let you know how they feel about your services and how else you can continue to wow them. 

Reviews are useful to new clients too, they are a testament to your expertise and give them the confidence to seek your services.

Take the Step

The most successful real estate brokers are those that know their customers. 360 BizVue provide data-driven solutions with an aim of figuring a great way to engage your customers before, during and after a transaction.

We aim at helping your brand bloom, making it easy for new clients to find you and the current customers to choose you again.

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