Recreation and Live Entertainment using 360 BizVue

What’s your go-to leisure activity: indoor, outdoor or both? Everyone is a kid at heart when free, so they pursue different events and festivals.

Entertainment venues are year round and everywhere, competing for the customers’ time and money, and your company may be struggling to grow in the midst of this competition.

You don’t always have to introduce new products but rather improve on your current offering through top-notch marketing execution.

At 360 BizVue, we can help you sell out every time, from outdoor and indoor events to live entertainment and much more. We offer data-driven solutions that make your customers’ decision-making process a walk in the park.

We do this by analyzing your customers’ activity in three steps:  before, during and after each interaction.


A customer takes into consideration many options before deciding to subscribe to an event. By accurately analyzing their interaction with your brand, we can have a clear picture of the kinds of triggers that are most likely to convert potential customers into buyers.

We make it easier for customers to find positive reviews about your company that motivate them towards making a transaction. Since humans are creatures of habit, it’s easier to convert repeat visitors because their practices are already known.


All companies have websites that will tell customers about events –  does yours stand out?

There are five innovations to be aware of that you may boost your brand awareness as well as increase your potential client base: social media live streaming, entertainment apps, virtual reality interactions, personalized on-demand services, and online payment gateways. 

Its imperative that your websites and apps should be able to load in the shortest time possible. Transactions should naturally complete without delay, and allow customers to quickly respond to changes in the market place. 

We have an excellent payment processing solution known as cardconnect. Other than being intuitive and straightforward, it allows for affordable card processing fees.


Your favorite part of the interaction with a customer shouldn’t be about a financial transaction! Their feedback is an excellent opportunity to improve your entertainment packages. 

A good review from a happy client makes it easier for you to convert future visitors into buyers. People are more likely to buy if they read genuine, natural sounding reviews from the experience of previous customers with your brand.  Our  360BizVue system manages the reviews from your customers to harness better solutions. This is one way of fine-tuning your product offering, increasing your clients and influencing your company’s bottom line.

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