Digital Marketing for Religious Organizations and Clergy

Religion has been around for as long as humans have existed. As critical social institutions, religious groups have become more organized through the ages. Though your particular organization can still grow via tried and tested methods like word of mouth, you should take advantage of current marketing opportunities.

Implementing these modern digital strategies is the easy part. They should convert your visitors into loyal members who spend on church activities.

360 BizVue helps you achieve this goal by analyzing your data and customizing it in a way that focuses on ideas that bring you economic benefit.

To indeed gain from us, your data is thoroughly analyzed and solutions implemented in three major phases; before, during and after a transaction.


Unlike other organizations that market to specific niches, you should ideally market your services to all people regardless of age, race, color, national origin, marital status or ancestry.

While this non-discriminatory approach is admirable, it also raises a problem when it comes to targeting your advertisement. On the one hand you want to focus your message, but on the other hand, you want to make it as broad and appealing as possible.

Our cutting edge analytics tools take care of this issue by prompting your online visitors to answer a few questions. From their answers, it’s easy to tell the kind of information they’ll find useful.


After your members have been persuaded to spend on a worthy cause, it’s essential to make the financial transaction as seamless as possible. For this, you need a comprehensive payment system in place. We understand how integral such a system is to your reputation and we have a payment solution known as cardconnect.

Not only does it provide a smooth and affordable payment gateway, but cardconnect also collects valuable data while doing so. This data is analyzed and the results put into increasing your membership and revenue.

From this data, the online behavior of your current members is also used to make their future visits better, while encouraging new members to spend more time and money.


After a successful transaction, you should show your members that you value their feedback. You can encourage them to post reviews and also suggest better services. We have a review management system in place to do just that. 

As well as giving you new ideas on how to improve service delivery, positive reviews also encourage other members to spend more.

For your faith-based organization to succeed in the modern world, we suggest that you keep up with the new marketing trends. Other than helping your brand grow online, we will also use our analytics solutions to improve your earnings. Contact us today.

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