Return on Ad Investment

Recent research demonstrates return on investment in print advertising isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

While trade magazines targeting specific buyer personas can still be of value, enterprises that are advertising using old-fashioned newspaper placements are being left behind.

Recent studies show an average of 11x ROI for digital search advertising compared to just 4.12x for print advertising. Of all mainstream advertising methods, print sits at the lowest level for ROI: Below television, radio, and “out of home” advertising like billboards.


Over the last several years, dozens of newspapers have closed their doors annually. Those left over have seen declining circulation and ad revenue far beneath their figures from ten years ago. 

The reason why is simple: People now look to different sources for product information.

The process of researching, comparing, and selecting a product or service has moved online.


Your Customers Are Going Online – Are They Finding You There?

These days, people have more information at their fingertips than ever before.

When people have a problem to solve, they no longer look to traditional advertising to discover options. Now, they go online. Google is the first port of call for learning about what’s out there.

Once they have some ideas about the local businesses in their area, then comes consideration of the options. At this point, they need a greater understanding of which business may be the right selection for them. They’re making a list and checking it twice – a final decision comes later.

In this key phase, they look to online reviews to discover which businesses have built trust.

Savvy consumers know that what a business says about itself may not be the whole story. Before they buy, they want to know real customers like them have showcased positive experiences on reputable sites like Yelp. Companies with poor reviews (and those with none) end up forgotten.

How do you stand out in today’s fast-paced, online-focused world?

You need a digital marketing strategy that:

  • Enhances your online visibility in Google search and drives traffic to your website.
  • Helps you encourage, collect, and curate positive reviews across multiple platforms.
  • Fosters trust and motivates potential customers to take time to visit you in person.

There are two main ways your site can win: By being present near the top of the search page for relevant terms and providing compelling Web content that helps people make informed choices.

Once you’ve invested in these approaches and built momentum, they continue to deliver ROI for months and years to come. To get there, help from an expert digital marketing firm is essential.


BizVue 360 Offers a Total View of Customers and Market Expansion Opportunities

Who are your customers? Where are they coming from? What buying decisions do they make?

Your website can tell you – a newspaper can’t.

BizVue 360 crafts customized digital marketing strategies that illuminate customer behavior before, during, and after a transaction. Our goal is to empower small local businesses to connect with the public and create real brand loyalty.

Our 360 Bizvue approach comprehensively inspects a customer’s clues before, during, and after a transaction to efficiently identify key tests for market-expansion hypotheses.

That means:

  • Taking clues from what has happened so far to predict the customer’s future intent.
  • Providing fresh perspectives on the trends and industry changes affecting your area.
  • Prioritizing the customer relationship by making it easy to learn, transact, and refer.
  • Informing the story by facilitating website views, clicks, searches, shares, and reviews.

The Web does what print doesn’t – and it makes your marketing budget go further.

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