Roofing Companies

Your roofing business isn’t like “the other guys.”

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. You provide quality, customer service, and the commitment to stand by your work. But there’s a question you need to answer to go from good to great: Can your future customers see what makes you different?

If the answer is “no,” your unique value isn’t helping you attract and retain business.

The digital commerce experts at 360 BizVue deliver what roofing companies need to excel. We craft your integrated online communication strategy to inform, attract, and motivate customers. Then, we ensure you’re prepared to delight them during and after their project.

From the day customers start researching their roofing problems, we empower you to speak directly to them: Delivering tailored messages at the right moment to put your expertise in focus.

By reducing anxiety and building trust, you’ll position yourself as an expert they can rely on – and one they’ll be glad to recommend to their friends and family for many years to come.

We enable your business to exceed expectations before, during, and after customer interactions:


What are your customers looking for – and how do they know when they’ve found it? We equip you to communicate your unique value in ways that resonate. Our Before services are built on data from thousands of successful customer interactions, so we can align you with what works.

That includes:

  • Complete “360” view of your strengths and how you can build on them to win customers.
  • Total analysis of your ideal customers: Their thoughts, worries, needs, and buying habits.
  • Evolving your business processes to imbue operations with clarity, speed, and precision.


Our During services energize enthusiasm for your brand by providing for a concierge customer experience. What inspires your ideal customers to listen, engage, buy, and come back? We’ll align you with their needs, converting today’s customers into tomorrow’s brand advocates.

That includes:

  • Forging a customer experience totally aligned with best practices in the roofing industry.
  • Finding hidden insights in your customer interaction data so you meet their every need.
  • Fast, secure, low-cost payment card processing leveraging our portfolio’s buying power.


Referral business is one of the top growth drivers in the roofing industry. Yet, these days, your reputation in the community begins with your reputation online. We’ll help you tap the unique power of social proof so future customers know others “just like them” prefer your company.

That includes:

  • Online reputation management to associate you with superb reviews and stellar service.
  • Incentivizing and accelerating reviews on the online channels future customers will see.
  • Saving money and raising quality by using customer feedback to improve your business.

With 360 BizVue in your corner, you can stand out in your service area. No matter how crowded your market, you’ll be operating on a higher level – and you can get a running start. Our expert advice, backed by the latest tools and techniques, will propel you forward.

For a true “360” perspective, contact us today.

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