What makes you different?

All too often, enterprises focus on the incremental value of what makes them “better.” This turns their work into a commodity to be compared across the marketplace – not much different from squeezing a piece of fruit at the grocery store. You can compete, but never at the highest level.

If you want to be recognized at the level you deserve, you need a shift in perspective.

360 BizVue provides that shift. With more than 20 years of management consulting expertise, we uncover the exponential value of what makes your venture different.

As digital commerce thought leaders, we help B2B and B2C enterprises of all size categories define, validate, and communicate their unique value to their online audience.

We empower you to be present with your customers – presenting the right message at the right time to inspire action. With our “360” perspective, you can manage the way you’re perceived online like never before, all the while staying fully updated on the trends that affect your niche.


Our powerful three-phase process makes us unique in management consulting.

We optimize your processes before, during, and after each customer interaction:


What are your ideal customers looking for? What are their needs? Who do they trust to help them navigate their options? Our Before services draw on an unprecedented volume of customer interaction data – interactions that led to real sales – to express your compelling value.

That includes:

  • End to end evaluation of your strategic strengths and “big win” market opportunities.
  • A complete review of your ideal customers, their pains, thoughts, beliefs, and habits.
  • Comprehensive process improvements to prepare your business for the next level.


Our During services equip you for a best-in-class customer experience that’s memorable and intuitive. What keeps your ideal customers engaged? What brings them back? What wins their loyalty – including repeat business? We align you with customer expectations until you fit like a glove.

That includes:

  • Total alignment of your customer experience with proven best practices in your industry.
  • Capture and collection of your own customer data to predict and meet their unique needs.
  • Low-cost credit card payment processing leveraging the buying power of our portfolio.


Positive online reviews are the lighthouse leading to your business: Without them, you’re adrift in a sea of competitors. Our After services improve and increase customer feedback. We leave your customers motivated to tell others about their positive experiences both online and off.

That includes:

  • Online reputation management that amplifies the voices of your delighted customers.
  • Increasing customer feedback across all online channels that influence buying choices.
  • Acting on feedback to make targeted improvements that will wow your customers.

Your future customers might not know how to interpret your products or service.

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