On modern branding, poetry, and numbers

modern marketing during family tv time

We’re going to talk to you about how modern we are by turning the clock back twenty years.

Do you remember how event television used to have the whole family crowded around the TV set? We’d be waiting for the big film during the holidays or the season finale of our favorite series that promised a big twist, or at certain times of the year, the big sporting event where maybe this time, our team was going to win big. The advertising breaks during those shows used to be the highlight of the years for marketing guys – the day they’d seal the deal on another big bonus, all thanks to the campaign that would deliver the watercooler moment as surely as the event television it interrupted.

In short, that television advertising was as much of a draw as the main attraction – as any ‘do you remember’ program featuring the campaigns of yesteryear will tell you. We’d watch it together, and we’d talk about it together.

The nature of modern branding today means we’re more likely to head to the kitchen to get snacks, take a comfort break, or perhaps check Facebook on our phone instead of concentrating on what’s on the screen during the ad break. For all the attention we give it, it might as well be the old intermission film of a potter’s wheel for all the impact it has. Although we’re not quite ad blind, we’re more likely to half-view television advertising as part of a greater whole, in conjunction with the content we see on our mobile devices, on the street, and online.

Without question, modern branding has to deliver something else. Something new. Something You. 

And that’s where we come in – we’re the poets of SEO and we want to write you a verse or two.

Your core customers already know a lot about you, even if they’ve never heard of you. They know what they need you to deliver, even if they don’t know how you’re going to do that. That’s where we come in – we’re going to tell them your story.

We’re the natural inheritors of those guys that used to ride around from castle to castle in the Middle Ages, telling tales of fierce battles, great Kings, and damsels in distress through song and epic poetry. We don’t travel from castle to castle, however; for a start, there aren’t that many castles around any longer, and we’ve never been that good at the whole traveling by horseback thing.

Our horse is the internet, and our poem is SEO.

So back to your customers already knowing a lot about you – what they need from you is something that is valuable to them. And you can do that by delivering them content so rich and interesting that they’ll come back and visit your story online again and again, even if they’re not there to buy today. The more interesting you appear to be, the less likely they are to think about the other guys that sell or do almost what you do. And here’s the secret – you’re already interesting. You just need to tell them.

Give them what they want, until you can give them what they need.

We don’t live in a face-to-face world any longer, so those words are your promise – and our promise to you. You need to be authentic.

A thousand years ago, books had to be copied by hand and were therefore so valuable that only the very rich could own one. Then came the printing press, and although books cost less, if you were off the beaten track, you were unlikely to see more than a few in your lifetime.

Modern branding means that your message is out there, accessible anywhere, anytime, and by anyone. It’s not the scattergun of the TV campaign in the dead zone slot where your clients are either asleep in front of the tube or making a snack; it’s the keyword-rich search they make on their cell, the ‘About Us’ that grabs.

It’s not just about poetry, though. The numbers matter too, the numbers that will make let your perfect customers find you when they’re searching for you. The numbers that will put you on page one. We’re not just the poets of SEO, we’re the scientists of the sonnet when it comes to those numbers – they have a poetry all of their own.

And once it’s there, it’s there – you don’t have the worry about renewing your campaign or getting your print ad in the next issue of your industry magazine. Okay, you’ll want to update your content from time to time, but once the promise of your brand is there, your customers will be able to find you, time after time.

Let the poets of SEO be your bards of modern branding.