Payment Processing

When you get a checkup, the first thing the doctor does is take your vitals. These tell you if there’s something you should look at right away – a top priority. For your business, no other signal is more important than those related to payments: Whether, when, how, and how much money you are taking in after taxes and fees.

The 360 Bizvue team brings 20 years of payment processing expertise to the development of our unique AI platform. In that time, we’ve realized many business owners look at payment processing solely as a cost center.

The many ways a business can grow more profitable by optimizing payment processing, pricing, and payment card infrastructure are not widely known outside the finance world. Payment card providers don’t want business owners to look too closely at their unnecessary overhead – or explore their alternatives.

Large or small, it is a virtual certainty your business is losing money through payment processing and cost structure inefficiencies. The clear, accurate payment processing data captured by 360 Bizvue gives you new options. Not only can you save more, but also provide a better experience for your customers.

Let’s look at four areas where 360 Bizvue helps you keep more of your hard-earned money:

Payment Processing

Save with Our Unique Cost Sharing Program for Businesses

Our Cost Sharing program helps you distribute up to 100% of your payment card processing fees across the prices of your products and services. Most customers see their bill increase only a few cents. You defray your costs while your customers enjoy reward points and the satisfaction of helping a business in their community.

With Cost Sharing, you can choose to accept credit, debit, or both at reduced costs. Choose to defray 100% of the costs and we can use the combined power of our client portfolio to negotiate the lowest rates for you. For the first time, businesses of all sizes can enjoy the best savings. From local "mom and pop" stores to Fortune 100 enterprises, your money goes further with us.

Payment Processing

Understand Customers with Deep Dive Payment Processing Data

Customers and employees alike interact with payment processing systems every day. Under the hood, this data is more complex than it seems. We have direct access to three dozen data points that can drive better financial performance throughout your business.

That includes batch details to provide real-time performance data for each one of your locations. Our in-depth transaction details give you unparalleled insights into customers’ paying habits and provide early warning so you can prepare for potential chargebacks.

Payment Processing

Real-Time Payment Card Optimization

Every time customers originate a credit or debit transaction with you, essential details about them, their financial institutions, and your business circle the globe. Most small business owners never find out they could save thousands each year by providing optional data payment card brands use for security.

Using its powerful AI and connection with all major payment processing gateways, 360 Bizvue can automatically populate this data for every transaction – dozens of real-time details that are inaccessible otherwise. The data is captured at the point of sale and we pass the savings on to you every month.

Payment Processing

Same Day Funding for All Merchants

It’s your money, so why wait longer than you have to? Some companies can’t afford the standard 2-3 business day delay. We improve your cash flow through some of the fastest accelerated funding on the market. For transactions before 4 p.m., we can deposit up to $10,000 directly into your corporate bank account. You’ll see your funds by 7 p.m. that business day.

To discover more or tap the power of 360 Bizvue for your business, contact us today.