There is a poetry in numbers

But you’d expect a mathematician to say that. However, they’re inclusive, and they are part of everything you say, and everything you do. From the two sugars in your coffee to the odd sock left at the end of the laundry, numbers matter.

We believe we can find that odd sock, and make sure that you never miss sugar in your coffee again – or at least it will feel that way.

Where odd socks go to hide?

Think of your company as that odd sock for a moment – it’s a very high-end sock; cashmere, soft, warm, and highly desirable. Yet without its pair – or, to put it in business terms, your customers – it’s nothing. And it’s nothing to do with the quality of the sock, or rather, your product or service. It has everything to do, however, with the quality of your numbers.

Our writers supply excellent SEO copy; that’s a given. Our mathematicians play with the numbers so that the Theorem of Search Engine Optimization works to put you under your customers’ noses above your competitors, that’s our responsibility too. What we need from you is to work with you and to develop your brand. Your very own odd sock.

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Who are you?

A strong brand can take the smallest business and turn it into a global phenomenon. The McDonald brothers opened a small burger restaurant in San Bernardino in 1940. Golden arches turned that family concern into a worldwide franchise, recognizable by anyone.

Your branding should be who you are – it should reflect your ethos, your product or service, and how you deliver it to your customers. In addition to presenting value, a brand should present trust; a sense of security and expectation that affects every aspect of your organization, from your business communications to your office space, and particularly your customer-facing staff.

A brand should be desirable; a brand should offer the customer something they don’t already have but need. A brand should tell you everything you need to know about not just the product, but the company. It should tell your clients everything they need to know about you.

Think about the last ‘big thing’ to impact on your consciousness – what hooked you in? Was it the concept, or was it everything about the concept? Big successes, be they corporate, personal, or even religious, are rarely left to chance. They need planning, expert planning – that’s where we come in.

The difference between branding and marketing?

Think of branding and marketing as the difference between an idea and an action. Branding is the idea – that is you. You are the origin of your brand, and your brand should be in place long before you think about getting out there and selling it.

Your marketing is the action – buy me, hire us, we’re the best.

We can deliver a level of branding to inspire trust and reliability; those things translate into customer loyalty and repeat business.

Telling your story?

Strong branding takes on a persona all of its own; your target customers should be able to visualize it as an individual, see likes and dislikes, and even aspire to your brand’s lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter how interesting the story, however, if it can not be discoverable by search, then handling that story to your customers is impossible. The good news is that WDF*IDF – the algorithm that determines the order of results in a Google search based on keyword use frequency – works on trust. And that’s what good branding is for.WDF IDF expressed

The mathematics is complex, but that’s what we’re for. The only math you need to get your head around is this; you plus your customer equals success.

One odd sock plus another odd sock makes a pair. 

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