Nice to see you. Are you sitting comfortably?

Rather than attempt to sell you on why we’re The Guy, we’re going to sell the poetry of numbers to you instead. And why we’re confident that this Florida Member Benefit is the one Florida Member Benefit you won’t want to scroll past.

The other guys will tell you how confident they are too, and they’ll also tell you that they can get you to the first page of Google and that your business will double overnight. And they might, and it might. But there’s no guarantee of that.

We’re not making that guarantee either, but what we do understand is the power of great and valuable content that’s unique and relevant not just to you, but to your target customers.

That’s the guarantee we can give you. That’s why you should take advantage of this particular Florida Member Benefit and hire us. We are the poets of SEO.

We See You.

We see who you are and what makes you unique. Not just that, we can put it into words. Your personality, on a page, waiting for your ideal clients to find you. Because if you get it right – or rather when we get it right for you – they will find you first.

And how do we do this, we hear you ask – simple. We provide you with the kind of valuable, useful, unique content that pretty much seeks your clients out for you. Looking for a particular demographic where you have top-level skills and experience? We can supply you with content that they’re likely to search on when they don’t even need a law firm. The beauty of that is they’ll bookmark you, and come back when they do. Again, and again.

But we don’t just make poetry with words – our professional writers might create magic when they’re writing content, but it still has to be searchable. That’s where our scientists put the poetry of numbers into play, tweaking the words so that the bots that run and fetch the results find your content.

Your content doesn’t have to be dry, dull, and corporate – you have your own poetry to bring to the equation, the poetry of law. After all, your story as an attorney is unique to you, so why have a website where the content looks just like everyone else’s?

“Amazing”, you think “I can’t afford that right now”.

Oh yes, you can. Before you click close and make another coffee, we’re going to tell you how confident we are that we can make this Florida Member Benefit one that you can’t afford to miss, but can afford to take up.

We know our work is good, but we want you to know it’s good too – we are going to give you the first six cycles at $150 per cycle, or per month unless you want more than one piece of content per calendar month. That’s unique content, relevant not just to the personality of your business, but the personality of the client you’re looking to attract. If you’re still happy, then the 7th cycle or month will revert to our agreed Florida Member Benefit price of $300 per month. We’re confident you will still be happy. In each cycle, we take your plans, and we put them into action, studying the results, and making whatever adjustments are necessary to keep your branding and message on track.

If you don’t see the success you expect after six cycles, you don’t have to stick with us. In fact, you can cancel at any time.

But we’re confident you won’t. Because we know you, and we know your customers. And we know we can make a difference.

$150 per month/cycle

The Florida Bar has arranged for you to receive a 6 month/cycle introductory rate of only $150 per month/cycle and receive professional SEO service that normally retails for $500 per month/cycle.

Our First Six Months Together

SEO is a long-term marketing approach and we want to lay a sound foundation that will stand the test of time. Below you will see the objectives of each month and we are offering these to you at a 50% discount to give you time to evaluate our work.

(for law firms wishing for an accelerated approach, exchange the “months” for “cycles” which you can have up to 4 a month during the first 6 cycles.)

Identifying errors in the technical SEO and Online visibility that are currently negatively impacting the ability for the search engine bots to understand your firm’s mission.

Analyze the visitor engagement observations made during the previous month/cycle. Use the results of that analysis along with competitor observations to create a custom SEO strategy for your firm.

Create a list of topics that will appeal to the lifestyle of the visitors observed over the previous two months/cycles. Write, publish and broadcast to social media the first content marketing article.

Study the visitor engagement traffic that was generated by the first article. Update the content marketing calendar to adjust the topics to align with the current visitor trends. Write, publish, and broadcast to social media your second article.

Deeply analyze the analytics from data produced by the activities of the first 4 months/cycles. Determine what is the next best task that will have the most positive impact for the law firm. Then our team will complete that task.

Are there any new patterns in the poetry of numbers that are signals that we need to respond to? We will respond to those patterns and it there are none, then our team will begin our continuous branding improvement cycles.

Please select the frequency that you would like for us to perform Branding and SEO tasks for your law firm:

Branding & SEO for The Florida Bar Members | 1st 6 Months/Cycles