Let’s go on a trip to the car showroom. Not just any old cars either, we’re going shopping for supercars. It’s like pressing your nose against the glass at the toy store when you were a kid, isn’t it?

Want a test drive?

We can’t hand you the keys to a top of the range sports car, but we can hand you the keys to the kind of Branding and SEO Marketing that elevates your company to the kind of showroom you deserve.

Here’s what we do.

Precise Branding Cycles for Attorneys

We Plan – our team takes a look at how your business or brand is currently performing, based on the analytical run rate marketing process, and from there we make a collective decision.

That collective decision leads us to the ‘Do, Study, and Act’ part of our process – what is the next best action we can complete for this brand that will bring them the greatest value at this point in time?

So how much is this test drive going to cost you?

Our cycle pricing is $500 per review. And it’s cycled pricing rather than a one-off package because once you’ve started to see results, you’re going to want to come back.

What else can $500 buy for your business?

A few sundries, perhaps a desk, some business cards, a cheap laptop.

And poetry. Our cycle pricing can buy you poetry. We are the poets of SEO and we can tell the story of your brand like no one else. We see the beauty of the numbers that propel your name – your promise to your clients – to the first page of search rankings, where clients can find you.

And not just any clients either – we can help your perfect clients to find you. Think of yourselves as two odd socks that got lost in the laundry miraculously meeting up again. Two luxury cashmere socks that are the best money can buy together but on their own? Less useful. You could always wear that sock as part of an odd pair, and it will still keep your foot warm and dry – however, it doesn’t quite work as part of your outfit.

And that’s your story right now. It’s an okay story, but it could be a fairytale.

Let us take your numbers and write the poetry that will bring your perfect client to you. Let us find the words that add value to your brand. Let us tell them your story.

Active research and analytics that we perform each cycle. (Over 30 tasks completed in each Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle.)
  • Review the current action item list to select the next best thing to do for your brand.
  • Internal Brainstorming
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Social Media Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Google and Bing Console Analysis
  • Customer Engagement Analysis
  • Content Mix Adjustments
  • Content Location Analysis
  • Segmenting Your Audience
  • Integrated Strategy
  • Analyzing Competitor Backlink Profiles
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Strategy Reviews

Please select the frequency you would like our team to work on behalf of your brand.

Branding & SEO Marketing Cycles