Real-time Learning

KPI’s are checked every 1.67 seconds

360 BizVue Workshops help understand your primary customer and internal support systems.

What are the key performance indicators (KPI) that you need to know are working under control and producing the desired results?

During our workshop with your team, we work to understand:

  • “Why You” and “Why Do You Matter” in your primary customer’s eyes.
  • Who is your primary customer and their wants/needs.
  • What makes you different than your competitors.
  • What systems you have in place to manage internal processes and customer interactions.
  • The location where you are talking to your primary customer. Online and Offline
  • The types interactions from your 3rd party suppliers or agency with your employees and/or customers.
360 BizVue Benchmark will establish a baseline to work from towards desired goals.

After defining the “actionable key performance indictors” in the workshop, it is time to understand where you are today and the gap to reach the success you desire.

Defining and mapping the path toward concrete goals are crucial aspects of business success. During our benchmarking session we will create a baseline of the outputs from your current processes. This will give us a starting point to build from in order to reach your identified critical success factors.

There are two primary areas of focus:

  1. SEO Marketing related metrics such as rank, visits, and backlinks.
  2. Business Metrics such as sales, costs, returns, and contract renewals.
360 BizVue Framework will systematically move your organization forward toward business success.

Now that we have a our baseline from the benchmark gap analysis, we are ready to enter our 25 step “cycle of activities”.

360 BizVue Framework Graph


  1. Plan:  From the list of KPI’s from the Workshop, we will select the next best action to complete in order to learn a little more about your primary customer’s needs and wants.
  2. Do:  Perform the activities defined in the plan. Small incremental steps are important to success.
  3. Study:  Compare the results with the desired results; learn from them.
  4. Act:  Take advantage of what you learned. Make it part of your process, if appropriate, or decide what you will modify next. Take action.
360 BizVue presents only the metrics that are important to your brand and when you need to see them.

How are you doing?

KPI’s are a subset of your analytics that provide you with:

  • A dashboard that has specific meaning for your business. We include an immediate alert feature that will notify you when certain KPI’s have exceeded their expected variation.
  • Key insights that reveal how well you are doing in reaching your goals.
  • The kind of information that can be acted upon immediately.

Example: This is an example of monitoring the activities of a Sales Team